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Interior & Fitted Kitchen Design Trends

From year to year, north to south and city to country, kitchen trends differ immensely. We get asked on a regular occurrence what is in fashion and what is the next big thing. I used to answer with what I had seen in the trade magazines and at trade shows but I now struggle to answer as over the past 5 to 10 years manufacturing techniques have improved to give much more variation and choice to the consumer. I now point out the kitchens which have been chosen recently, in which area and in what type of property.

Interior Design: Choosing Your Dream Fitted Kitchen, Bedroom or Study

How do you choose a fitted kitchen or interior when there is so much on offer? It is always hard for the kitchen specialist to point you in the right direction, as we all have our favourites, but a good starting point is a process of elimination. Start off with eliminating what you really don’t like and then take into consideration the natural light of your room and the style and age of your house.