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Interior & Fitted Kitchen Design Trends

From year to year, north to south and city to country, kitchen trends differ immensely.  We get asked on a regular occurrence what is in fashion and what is the next big thing. I used to answer with what I had seen in the trade magazines and at trade shows but I now struggle to answer as over the past 5 to 10 years manufacturing techniques have improved to give much more variation and choice to the consumer.  I now point out the kitchens which have been chosen recently, in which area and in what type of property.

Traditional Style Kitchens

Over the past year we have experienced an upturn in traditional in-frame kitchens.  Whether a fresh painted or timber finish the in-frame kitchen always feels more like furniture than just kitchen units.  We provide a wide range of in-frame styles with many colour options and timber finishes.  Many kitchen styles can be produced in both an in-frame kitchen and lay-on format so if you’re not keen on the in-frame design then you can still have the door style without the frame.

If you’re looking for something a little more individual then we can design you a door and frame to suit your taste yet empathise with your property.

Contemporary Style Kitchens

Usually contemporary style covers a more modern cutting edge door but this is very much in the eye of the beholder.  Some people may think its high gloss, handless or flat doors but it can cover the slightest of differences such as a door profile, trim or even colour.  Recently we have supplied many horizontal grain high gloss kitchens in a mix of finishes, our most recent contemporary kitchen was installed in Hutton, Brentwood.  A horizontal grain, high gloss, wenge slab door accompanied by a white quartz worktop and selective lighting gave a very modern and fresh feel to a new extension.

In both traditional and contemporary finishes we are seeing a trend towards two tone kitchens.  You will see from our portfolio of projects that customers are favouring a mix of timber and painted doors in either a gloss or satin finish.  It is becoming very popular to mix not just colours but finishes, styles and textures to achieve an individual feel.